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Technological design of warehouse

Technological design of a warehouse is a set of measures aimed at optimizing or developing solutions for planning warehouse areas or technological warehousing processes.

The need for technological design can be caused by various reasons: construction of a new warehouse, relocation of the warehouse, growth of cargo turnover, changes in orders, general dissatisfaction with the work of the warehouse and others. As a rule, it is preceded by a logistical audit, the results of which are used to solve design tasks.

The technological design of the warehouse includes:
  • Collection of information: how the goods are stored and processed; what is the intensity and volume of material flows; what kind of racking equipment been used, cargo equipment and warehouse staff; what are the dimensions and characteristics of the storage space
  • Development of an optimal solution for planning the volume of the warehouse: areas of the warehouse; material flow models; type of construction and number of storage places; algorithms for efficient placement of goods in storage places; relocation routes; comparative analysis of the effectiveness of different options; assistance in selecting equipment suppliers
  • Warehouse operation technology: after an operational description of each process, showing the contractor, the information needed to perform the operation, the output documents and the technical means used; developing a decision-making logic for the execution of operations – how to accommodate the accepted product, when to recharge the storage area, in what sequence to execute orders, etc.
  • Calculation of staff and equipment needs: number of staff required for each operation; number of type of employees in a work shift; number of units for each type of equipment based on the calculation of the number of staff
Results of the technological design are: plan of the warehouse; description of equipment requirements and drawings of racking structures; technological maps for each warehousing operation; description of staff positions; results of calculations of the required number of staff and equipment.
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